KajakSport Ergonomic Seat




This is a seat bottom formed to accommodate both cheeks of the paddler’s butt. The shape is very similar to your traditional John Deere tractor seat. This is very comfortable and installs easily by bolting through the hip brace towers on each side. You will need 19″ between the hip braces for the Large seat and 17-1/2″ for the Medium seat, but you should wait to have the seat in hand before you install the hip braces.

Note that this seat will not work in low volume kayaks such as the Outer Island, some Greenland style, or similar lower profile kayaks because the side ‘towers’ will be too high for the allotted space.

The backrests listed below attach to this seat as a unit. There is a strap on the backbands that loops through two attachment points behind the hip brace towers of the seat. Two vertical straps from the back band loop through slots in the back of the seat and hook to the back of your cockpit coaming.

The cost indicated above is the seat bottom only; pick a backband below and you will have the integrated unit.