Stitch n Glue Kayak Kits

Navigator & Explorer Designs by Hans Friedel

The following descriptions will help you to understand how we can provide kits or materials for canoes, kayaks, or rowing boats. If you have questions please call or e-mail us; we have assisted in many boatbuilding projects and can help you make intelligent choices in designs and materials. You do not have to purchase a complete kit: You can purchase any individual materials you need to assist in your boatbuilding project.

The Stitch n Glue Kayak Kit Includes: Plan Sheets, Stitch n Glue Kayak Construction Notes, Fiberglassing Video, CNC cut 4 mm Okoume plywood hull and deck panels with pre-drilled wire holes, beveled panel edges, and locking butt joints, pre-cut plywood bulkheads, hatch lip material, hip braces, 1-1/2 Gal Epoxy, Fiberglass, epoxy application supplies, wood flour, cab-o-sil, phenolic microballoons, copper wire, Grande seat, Sonic backband, Deckline hardware (with KajakSport deck fittings), hatch hardware and seal, hatch lip material, plywood coaming build-up and lip, adjustable footbraces, foot rest studs.

Check the Kayak Accessories to see if you would like wood footbrace kit, custom seat, rudder, cockpit cover, or spray skirt.

If you’d like to simply purchase plans, you can visit our Plans page.

What is different and better about our plywood kits?

Our plywood panels are provided with key-lock butt joints, the inner panel edges are beveled, and all of the wire holes are pre-drilled for you! We also provide hull brackets so that your hull will be exactly the design shape. This means you gain accuracy and speed in the assembly process.

These kits now include sappele plywood!

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