Newfound Seat & Sonic Backband




The Newfound Seat is a fabric covered compressed foam pad, about 2” thick at the highest points, 15¼” wide x 14¾” deep, dish-shaped somewhat like a tractor seat. To install you would apply contact cement or spray adhesive to the bottom of the seat and press into place on the hull, using weights until the glue sets. This will give you a very comfortable seat. If you are using this in a v-hulled kayak, such as a stitch and glue plywood design, we will supply two wedges of mini-cell foam to help flatten out the V shape of the hull somewhat. Newfound Seat – $74.95, includes foam wedges for transitioning beneath the seat. Grande Seat with mini-cell pad – $49.95

The Sonic Backband ($32.95) is comfortable, 16-1/2” wide x 6” tall, and made from compressed foam covered with fabric. Includes webbing, quick release buckles, and stainless steel bolts for installation.