Foam blocks and tie-down straps with pads for transporting your boat.

Lightweight Aluminum Trailers

We are a dealer for Trailex trailers and use these lightweight trailers to safely transport our cedar strip boats. You can buy galvanized trailers but the lightest capacity is usually 800 lbs. One of our 100 lb. boats on a trailer rated for 800 lb. means the springs won’t even move when you go over bumps; essentially you won’t have springs. These aluminum trailers have 200-300 lb. capacities. This means the springs are lighter weight so they will cushion the unit going over bumps.

We can provide a trailer for a rowboat like a Rangeley or a trailer that will carry two canoes, two kayaks, or one of each. These are low wind resistance, lightweight, and can be towed with a compact car. With this system you don’t need to lift your boat onto the roof of your SUV, saving back strain and potential damage to vehicle or boat.

We have transported boats from New England to Florida with these trailers without any issues. Call or email, give us your address, and tell us what your application is. We can then fit you with the correct trailer and give you valid shipping information.

Non-Skid Laminate Foam Blocks from Newfound Woodworks