Brooks’ Nylon Cockpit Covers & Spray Skirts




Covers: Made of waterproof nylon and adjustable with the shock cord that is in a pocket sewn around the edge.  This is an important accessory: If your kayak is being transported or left out in the rain it can become a lethal object if allowed to fill up with water.  Keeps bugs and debris out of your boat during storage as well.  Available only in black.

Skirts: The 200 denier nylon is waterproof and seams are located away from potential seepage spots. Complete with tabs for securing the optional suspenders. Available mostly in black.  Limited quantity of Red and Blue.  List first 2 color preferences in Order Notes (optional) in checkout.  (Under your Postal Code area)  If nothing is listed, black will be sent.

Brooks Spray Skirt Size Chart

Read down the nylon column for nylon skirts and cockpit covers.
Read down the neoprene column for neoprene and neo-nylon sprayskirts.
Common Boats Fit by Size
23″ 18″ #1 XS Necky: Arluk 1.8
Valley: Pintail, Skerray H, Skerray (plastic)
Boreal: Ellesmere
27″ 18″ #1 S Wilderness Systems: Sparrow Hawk
Perception: Umiak
31″ 18.5″ #1 M Necky: Arluk 1.9, Arluk 11, Looksha f/glass models
Prijon: Sea Yak, Sea Gull, Eski, Odyssee
Wilderness Systems: Arctic Hawk, Cape Horn 14′
33″ 19″ #2 ML Current Designs: Caribou, Solstice SS, ST, GT, GTS, GTSHV, Squall
Wilderness Systems: Sealution-11-11XS, Piccolo, Manteo
Dagger: Latitude, Meridian SK, Sitka, Vesper
35″ 19.5″ #2 L Necky: plastic boats (except Gannet)
Current Designs: Expedition, Libra, Storm, Pisces
Wilderness Systems: Cape Horn 17′, Sealution XL-XLSS-11XL
Dagger: Atlantis, Baja, Magellan, Trinidad, Edisto
Perception: most models except Umiak
37″ 21″ #3 XL Current Designs: Breeze, Libra XT, Pachena
Necky: Gannet, Tofino
Northwest Kayaks: all models
39″ 21.5″ #3 XXL Necky: Pinta
41″ 21.5″ #4 XXXL Necky: Santa Cruze
43″ 20.5″ #5 XXXXL Necky: Sky
* Outside dimensions