Fiberglass Cloth

We can supply fiberglass cloth in 60" and 38" widths in 6 oz weight; 30" and 50" widths are available in 4 oz weight. Generally the 60" x 6 oz is used for tandem canoes; 4 oz x 50" is used for solo canoes and stitch and glued kayak hulls. The 6 oz x 38" is used for strip kayak hulls and the 4 oz x 30" is used for both sides of the strip kayak decks. These are general usage ideas; any of these sizes can be used in conjunction with each other for specific purposes of extra reinforcement and/or weight reduction. We roll the cloth on tubes for shipment to prevent creasing.

Fiberglass Tape & Peel Ply

Fiberglass Tape Our tape is available in 2", 3", and 4" widths. This is 6 oz tape with selvage edges to prevent unraveling. The 3" tape works well for the inner hull to deck seam on strip kayaks without sheer clamps. We suggest using bias cut cloth for the outer deck to hull seam on strippers and stitch and glue kayaks.

Peel ply tape comes in 2" width.  It is used over wet fillets to create a smooth concave surface between right angle corners, so that when dry it creates a smooth surface for your fiberglass to go over, since fiberglass does not like corners.  It also keeps your fillet from sagging.