Kayak Seats


Hot Seat on the Left

Grande Seat on the Right



Kayak Seats that are great for comfort and support, and easy to install.  These have peel backing to permanently secure seat in the cockpit.

Hot Seat is comfortable and is properly contoured for a better paddling comfort.  Made from sturdy thermal-molded foam.  Dimensions: 13.75″ side to side, and 12″ front to back with 1.25″ thickness.  Gray color.

Grande Seat is comfortable and is also contoured, but is a little larger and wider than the Hot Seat, and is also thermal-molded foam.  Dimensions: 16″ side to side, 14″ front to back with 1.25″ at the edge.  Gray color.

These can also be used in Canoes, or placed on top of Rowing Boat bench style seats for more comfort.