Tools To Get The Job Done!

Scraper Kit

Scraper handle and six different blades

We have found this great scraping handle with 6 blades that lends itself to exactly what we are doing with these strip boats.

These blades are good for scraping the outer hull and especially good for the concave sections of the inner hull. The lever in the handle allows you to quickly change from one blade shape to another.

Bessey Clamps

"There is no such thing as too many clamps!"

We are now supplying Bessey F type bar clamps because we believe these clamps work best for what we do.

For the smaller one, clamping capacity is 6", throat depth is 2-1/2", and bar size is 1/4" x 3/4".

The larger clamp has a throat capacity of 12", throat depth is 2-1/2", and bar size is 1/4" x 3/4".

Wood River Block Planes

NEW! Wood River block planes, standard angle and low angle with adjustable throat, easy blade removal and extremely precise fit. 2" wide x 7" long

The Veritas MK II Sharpening System

The Veritas Mark II Sharpening Systems delivers repeatable, consistent, fast honing. Its integral blade registration system squares the blade and sets the bevel angle in one step. The package includes three gross bevel-angle range configurations: a high-angle range (25° to 54° in seven increments), a standard-angle range (15° to 40° in six increments), and a third range for back bevels. Blade stop has discrete positions for preset angles.

The clamping mechanism registers on the face of the blade, accepting flat and tapered blades as well as those with irregular geometry.

Has three eccentric roller positions, allowing a micro-bevel to be honed quickly and accurately after a simple twist of a knob. The 2" wide brass roller is stable for the narrowest of blades. This system not only accommodates chisels as narrow as 1/4" and blades as wide as 2-7/8" up to 15/32" thick, but also works with short blades, such as spokeshave blades, without special jigs. Made from die-cast zinc alloy with precision-machined brass and steel components.

Kunz Block Plane

Fully adjustable for depths of cut, cutter alignment, and size of mouth. Precision made in Germany. Length is 7" with a 1-1/2" blade.

The components of this tool are finely machined to close tolerances for smooth, precise adjustment. Heavy castings give this block plane the solid heft necessary for precision work. Features include an adjustable throat opening, unique lateral blade adjusting mechanism and solid construction throughout. Standard 20° block plane blade angle.

Use this block plane to shape your stems or do the initial fairing on your outer hull.

Rotary Cutter

We believe in using bias cut cloth to tape seams and over tight radii. It was always a hassle to cut the cloth on a bias until we found these rotary cloth cutters. Of course, those who sew have known about them for years. This cutter won’t help trim the cloth around your sheer line, but it is worthwhile just to have for cutting bias material.

Hand Sanding Pad 5″ – Hook & Loop

This is a hand sanding pad with hook and loop on one side and strap on the other. It is 5” in diameter. The purpose of this pad is to allow your sandpaper to conform more readily to either the outer hull or inner hull. This increases your efficiency and gives you a better, more consistent sanding job without flat spots.

Soft Interface Pads

This is a foam pad with hook on one side and loop on the other. It is 5” in diameter, has 8 holes for the Dewalt or Ryobi Random Orbit sanders or 5 holes for the Porter Cable Random Orbit Sander for dust collection. The purpose of this pad is to allow your sandpaper to conform more readily to either the outer hull or inner hull. This increases your efficiency and gives you a better, more consistent sanding job without flat spots.

Fairing Board

This is a flexible board made from thin plywood with fiberglass on the back for strength. The working surface has Velcro glued to it so you can use Hook-It sandpaper. This board works really well for fairing your cedar hull after you have taken the corners down with a spokeshave or block plane. Sandpaper included: one sheet each of 40, 60, and 80 grit. The lighter grits can be used to fair out a lump epoxy job.

Hook-It Sandpaper for the Fairing Board

4½" x 15" sheets in 40, 60, 80 and 100 grit.

Shinto Wood Rasp

This tool is a confidence builder! Yes, it looks like a bunch of hack saw blades welded together, but it works well to help you creep up on the shaping of your stems. It also can be used to knock down those epoxy drools on your outer hull. We like to use it to rough up our gunwales to create "bite" for the epoxy. The unique design prevents clogging.

Ryoba Razor Saw

This Japanese saw cuts on the pull. The teeth on one side are 22 per inch for cross cutting and the other side has deeper teeth for ripping. In either situation this tool works well because you can control your cut easily and therefore do a better job.

6" Beading Saw

This saw is great! It has very fine teeth so you make very precise cuts. We use it to cut the long angles of our strips when doing the herring bone pattern on the bottom of a boat. A really different feature is the "Woodpecker" tooth that allows you to start out in the middle of your kayak and cut a precise, thin kerf slice. We use it to start all of our flush hatch opening on the kayaks.

Flat Sole Kunz Spokeshave

A spokeshave is used to shape your stems and to fair your outer hull. This design works well because it has two threaded adjusters so you can creep up on your depth adjustment and maintain the correct angle.

Bits– Coving and Beading Set, two bits OR Stacked One Bit

The cove, bead and stacked router bits have a ¼" shank and carbide cutting edges. These are the same design bits that we used for years when we milled the bead and cove with routers. If you use the stacked bit, you have both cove and bead on one bit. Change from one to the other by lowering or raising the bit in your router table.

3M Respirator & Filters

3M Respirator Model 7502. This is a new and updated Half Facepiece Respirator body only (filters are additional). What is really great about this is that the silicone is very flexible, comfortable and conforming. This respirator is actually a joy to wear! The size says medium, but this will fit most adults as it runs a little big. Use with our Organic filters or Dust/Mist filters, also made by 3M. The Organic Vapor filter is used when applying epoxy or varnish. It really makes a difference in filtering out the chemicals. There is a plastic retainer to hold a pre-filter which keep your Organic Vapor body from getting plugged up if you are in a dusty situation. When not using the Organic Vapor filter, keep it sealed in a zip lock bag to prevent deterioration of its carbon. If you need protection from sanding dust, not chemicals, use the 2071 Dust/Mist filter. It is less expensive than the Organic Vapor filter and very effective for dust.

Note: The Organic Vapor Filter or Dust/Mist Filter are required for the Respirator to work properly.