3M Respirator & Filters




3M Respirator Model 7502. This is a new and updated Half Facepiece Respirator body only (filters are additional). What is really great about this is that the silicone is very flexible, comfortable and conforming. This respirator is actually a joy to wear! The size says medium, but this will fit most adults as it runs a little big. Use with our Organic filters or Dust/Mist filters, also made by 3M. The Organic Vapor filter is used when applying epoxy or varnish. It really makes a difference in filtering out the chemicals. There is a plastic retainer to hold a pre-filter which keep your Organic Vapor body from getting plugged up if you are in a dusty situation. When not using the Organic Vapor filter, keep it sealed in a zip lock bag to prevent deterioration of its carbon. If you need protection from sanding dust, not chemicals, use the 2071 Dust/Mist filter. It is less expensive than the Organic Vapor filter and very effective for dust.

Note: The Organic Vapor Filter or Dust/Mist Filter are required for the Respirator to work properly.