Veritas MK II Sharpening System


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The Veritas Mark II Sharpening Systems delivers repeatable, consistent, fast honing. Its integral blade registration system squares the blade and sets the bevel angle in one step. The package includes three gross bevel-angle range configurations: a high-angle range (25° to 54° in seven increments), a standard-angle range (15° to 40° in six increments), and a third range for back bevels. Blade stop has discrete positions for preset angles.

The clamping mechanism registers on the face of the blade, accepting flat and tapered blades as well as those with irregular geometry.

Has three eccentric roller positions, allowing a micro-bevel to be honed quickly and accurately after a simple twist of a knob. The 2″ wide brass roller is stable for the narrowest of blades. This system not only accommodates chisels as narrow as 1/4″ and blades as wide as 2-7/8″ up to 15/32″ thick, but also works with short blades, such as spokeshave blades, without special jigs. Made from die-cast zinc alloy with precision-machined brass and steel components.