Shinto Wood Rasp


This tool is a confidence builder! Yes, it looks like a bunch of hack saw blades welded together, but it works well to help you creep up on the shaping of your stems, shape forms, and transoms. It also can be used to knock down those hardened epoxy drools on your outer hull. We like to use it to rough up our gunwales and sheer clamps to create “bite” for the epoxy. The unique design prevents clogging.



These high quality, double sided saw rasp blades feature coarse teeth on one side (11 teeth/inch) and fine teeth on the reverse (25 tpi). The coarse teeth are perfect for removing large amounts of material quickly while the fine teeth provide for a clean finish.  The total length of this wood rasp is 13″, and the 4″ handle is a comfortable grip with soft rubber-like material.