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17′ 8″ Orion

Kit Specifications

Length 17' 8"
Beam 21"
Weight 45 lbs.

The Orion is a Greenland style kayak with lots of rocker. It is very maneuverable, fairly low volume and stable, with the bottom hull panels coming together in a very subtle V. The Orion is available as a hybrid kit only.

Paddlers around 180-290 lbs with gear should fit nicely into this kayak.

Only available as KITS for Hybrid & Stitch-n-Glue kayaks. Construction from plans not available. (Yet.)

Hybrid Kit Prices

What is the Hybrid Construction Method?

The hybrid construction method means that you are building a woodstrip deck and a plywood, stitch and glue hull. This method allows you to have the beauty of strips for the deck and the level of creativity that you can achieve using strips. The plywood hull lends itself nicely to the Greenland, hard chined design, can be assembled quickly and uses fewer parts. Therefore the Hybrid is less time consuming to construct and somewhat less expensive than an all woodstrip kayak.

What is a Hybrid Kit?

The 4mm Okoume Plywood hull panels and bulkheads come with pre-drilled wire holes and key lock butt joints saving you valuable time and providing accuracy in the assembly process. You also receive cove and bead cedar strips for the deck, temporary forms, epoxy with application supplies, copper wire, deckline hardware, mini-cell seat foam, hatch hardware and seal, adjustable footbraces, fiberglass, and pre-cut plywood coaming ring and build-up.

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    Designer: Hans Friedel
    Kit Price: $2,255.00