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16′ 6″ Shooting Star

Kit Specifications

Shooting Star© is a smaller, lower volume, baidarka from Laughing Loon. The dimensions are 16′ 6″ long and 21″ wide, The finished weight is 35 pounds. The suggested weight range is from 100 to 200 pounds. It is nimble, responsive and fast. Detail photo of the Shooting Star’s bifurcated bow above.

Shooting Star is not a scaled down version of the North Star. The volume is lower, especially in the rear deck. The hull is slightly flattened to improve stability in such a narrow kayak. Though the Shooting Star is only 21″ wide at the widest point at the sheer line, stability is good and secondary stability excellent. She is very responsive to paddle strokes yet tracks very well.

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    Designer: Laughing Loon*
    Pre-Kit Price: $65.00 | Buy Pre-Kit
    Kit Price: $2,715.00