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17′ Disko Bay

Kit Specifications

The Disko Bay© is a wood strip interpretation of a classic West Greenland design from the Disko Bay region of Greenland. Length is 17′ and width is 21″. Weight is approximately 32 pounds.

I studied the native design carefully. I wanted to translate the feel and handling of the skin original into a wood strip kayak. Most hard shell Greenland kayaks have flat surfaces on either side of the keel line. I think this does not reflect the shape of a skin hull in water, loaded. On my Disko Bay, the hull bottom on each side of the keel is slightly concave reflecting how water pressure would shape the hull of a skin boat, this kayak’s ancestor.

The Disko Bay slides silently and effortlessly through the waves. Disko Bay is a hard chined Greenland style kayak that tracks well and carves turns nimbly.

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    Designer: Laughing Loon*
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    Kit Price: $2,935.00