Woodstrip Rowing Craft by Susan Van Leuven




A comprehensive and detailed guide to construction of wood strip rowing craft. Wood strip construction is renowned for its facility in producing sophisticated hull shapes, and can be mastered by the home builder interested in creating a quality boat. This book introduces rowers to the delights of constructing the ideal boat, to meet one’s particular needs and aesthetic desires. The wooden parts are made with ordinary wood shop tools, employing standard working techniques. The first-time user, following the detailed instructions in this book, can apply fiberglass and epoxy successfully. Finishing methods are also presented, to help builders show off their craftsmanship to best advantage.

This volume includes step-by-step construction notes for two different rowing boats. A fast but stable craft developed for sport fishing (The Rangeley Lake Boat), and a sleek pulling boat for sliding seat rowing (Liz) offer two distinctly different alternatives to suit different tastes and uses. The building processes are illustrated in detail so that readers may complete a boat relying on this book as an instruction reference.

So open the cover, and turn the pages to learn how you can build your own beautiful and able rowing craft.

288 pages, over 800 photos, and 53 line drawings.

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