Building an Adirondack Guideboat by Michael Olivette and John Michne




The Reproductions of the Virginia 

John and Michael spent a couple of years building several boats and refining the techniques that they present in this book. It is an extremely well written account of building an Adirondack Guideboat that is stripped with cedar over ribs and glassed on the outer hull. The authors supply a wealth of pictures and diagrams to pass on their years of experience. The result is a traditional-looking Guideboat that is reasonably maintenance-free. Note that this construction method differs slightly from the Guideboat kit that we offer in that this has ribs inside. If you want the traditional look, this is it!

This book is no longer in print, and the printed version is not available. But Wait! John has prepared a CD and thumb drive that both contain the entire book exactly as originally printed, in a PDF file. Along with the book, John has included PDF CAD drawings of two rib sets, three seats, a backrest, and the stem. If you have the drawing files printed full size, you will save a month’s work doing full-size manual lofting. There is also a draft Introduction to the Second Edition, expected to be out next year. Besides the stripping info, the second edition will have a full description of traditional planking, and lots more! Note: A PDF file may not work on some Kindles.

Available only in CD or USB Flash Drive for $40 each.