Non-Skid Laminate Foam Blocks


Left: 18″ Kayak Foam Block for Flat Bar

Top Center: 7″ Canoe Foam Block

Bottom Center: 7″ Extra Tall (4″) Canoe Foam Block

Right: 14″ Standard Kayak Foam Block



We use these foam blocks to transport canoes and kayaks on a regular basis. They allow flexibility with a variety of vehicles. The 18″ block and the 7″ (LONG), extra tall (4″) canoe blocks have the flat bar shape for use on a factory roof rack. We also use the 14″ blocks on the right on our roof racks or trailer bar with a slot for the block to fit over the bar. Use all of these blocks with our Tie Down Straps listed below.  (Blocks sold singularly.)

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