Fiberglass Cloth 50″ & 60″


Fiberglass Cloth:

6 oz. = 60″ width

4 oz. = 50″ width



We supply high quality woven fiberglass cloth in 60″ width in 6 oz. weight;  50″ width is available in 4 oz. weight.

Generally the 60″ x 6 oz. is used for tandem canoes; 4 oz. x 50″ is used for solo canoes and stitch and glued kayak hulls. The 6 oz. x 38″ is used for strip kayak hulls and the 4 oz. x 30″ is used for both sides of the strip kayak decks. These are general usage ideas; any of these sizes can be used in conjunction with each other for specific purposes of extra reinforcement and/or weight reduction.

We roll the cloth on tubes for shipment to prevent creasing.