Joan Kipawa

We, actually Joan in the main, have finished our Kipawa. Construction took us about 15 months (Feb 03 – May 04) with an approximately five month hiatus last summer when we were too busy with other things to make much progress.

We are wonderfully pleased with the final product and with the materials and support we received from Newfound Woodworks. Although we have only had the boat out three or four times thus far, we have already experienced what I have come to call the “cedar delay”… the extra fifteen or twenty minutes needed at launching to answer questions and accept accolades! I offer the attached photo of our craft “parked” outside our camp in southern New Hampshire for your launchings web page. I also offer a link ( to the web site where we chronicled the construction process in some detail for our far flung families. You may link to this page if you desire. Regards,— Frank