Hybrid Kayak Launchings

Paul Johnson’s Merganser Hybrid with west coast graphics painted by his wife.

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Dick Gamble’s Sea Spirit Hybrid.

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Last Saturday we had the big launching. We put the boats into the Connecticut River and paddled them up and down. It was wonderful…

Tad’s Seeker was great for him, very stable, and he was just zipping all over in it. He did have quite a time turning it, but for me the exchange of stability is more than worth it. His kayak was like a duck on the water, bobbing nicely over the waves that came from passing boats. Thanks so much for classes (a year ago) and support throughout!! It was a wonderful and fun project to do them both……….Here’s a couple pictures of the two boats. My son picked the feather pattern for my boat, and then when we started his, he wanted the same thing in his.

Geoff Meissner

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Bob Larkin built these two beautiful Explorer Hybrids. Both were built stapleless and each shows unique design characteristics. Bob also made paddles using the plans information in Nick Shade’s book and made the unique J-cradles to safely transport these works of art.

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Hi Michael!

The Explorer Hybrid left the shop this last weekend. It performs great! Thank You, and your staff, for the support, materials, and expert advice! I highly reccomend your company whenever possible. The components that you provided were top notch! Take a look at www.steve-frederick.com/launching.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Rendezvous…ordered my pass today!

Thanks again!


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