Ash Yokes and Thwarts


From top to bottom: Ash Contour Yoke, Ash Flat Yoke, Ash Straight Thwart, Cypress Solo Thwart and Ash unfinished Handle.


We carry Contour Yokes, as well as Flat Yokes.  The Straight Thwarts have some shape to them and look very traditional. The Solo Thwart is intended to be used on a Wee Lassie or Wee Lassie II solo canoe. If positioned well, the curve of the Solo Thwart becomes a sort of backrest. We also have used the High Back Canoe seat in conjunction with the Solo Thwart.  And short but not least, carrying handle.

The Flat Yoke in Ash is supplied with our kits.

All Thwarts and Yokes are varnish finished, with the exception of the Solo Thwart and Handle.

Due to the natural characteristics of each species of wood, each piece may vary in color.  All are handcrafted.