Seat Hanging Hardware


NOTE: The stainless steel version are ‘machine’ or ‘stove’ bolts; the silicon bronze version are 3/16″ carriage bolts. Click on appropriate picture to get a closer view.

An example of what to order for a complete tandem canoe set up is 8 ash, cherry or mahogany seat hangers, 8 stainless steel or silicon bronze seat hanger bolts (4″ or 6″) and 4 stainless steel thwart bolts (2″).

Please make sure you are ordering the correct parts for your use. If you have any questions, email us before ordering.



You can purchase a package of hardware or individual pieces (see drop down list below).

The left picture is the Silicon Bronze Hardware/Ash package. It includes eight 6″ silicon bronze bolts (carriage bolts, 3/16″), nuts, washers and eight ash seat hanger spacers, 4″.

Middle picture is the Stainless Steel Seat Hardware/Cherry package. It includes eight 6″ stainless steel machine (stove) bolts with finish washers, nuts, washers and eight ash seat hanger spacers, 4″.

Ash, Cherry and Mahogany seat hangers are 4″ long x 3/4″ x 3/4″ with a 1/4″ center hole. Use them as spacers to get your canoe seats positioned 2″ to 3″ below your gunwales to keep your center of gravity low.

Seat Hanger Bridges sold in pairs.  Available in Ash, Red Cedar, Cherry and Mahogany.  (You will need to order four 6″ bolts of choice.)

Make sure you include the 2″ bolts for mounting the yoke or thwart in the appropriate type of metal.

The hardware can be either silicon bronze or stainless steel 4″ or 6″. the silicon bronze looks similar to brass, but is much stronger.