Epifanes Matte Varnish


We typically use this matte version for the INSIDE of our canoes, kayaks or rowing boats over two coats of the Epifanes Gloss Varnish above.



This is a polyurethane varnish with fewer UV inhibitors than the CLEAR Varnish above. We like to use the Matte on the inside hull of our canoes and Rangeley Lake Boats when we leave the coarse “cloth” coat of fiberglass. Application of this material is VERY easy and forgiving; the Matte dries to a dull flat finish that hides the little variations on your inner hull that you would rather not see. Another use is for the inside of the strip or stitch n glue kayaks. This varnish dulls the gloss and gives you a very professional looking interior. Make sure you stir thoroughly to get the flattening agent evenly distributed in the mix.

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