A Canoe Building package for first time Cedar Strip Builders




Pre-Kit Package: Two DVD’s, “Cedar Strip Boat Building” and “Applying Epoxy and Fiberglass”, combined with “The Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building” by Susan Van Leuven.

Normal retail cost is $99. This combined special is now $92 including shipping, a savings of over $16!

In the book, “The Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building” Susan Van Leuven takes you through the complete construction process from cutting and erecting your own forms, to stapleless construction, fiberglassing, designing your yoke and gunwales. She is very good at presenting several methods to accomplish each phase of the process. The canoe Susan is building is the Wee Lassie II, designed by Mac McCarthy and featured in his book, Featherweight Boatbuilding.

Cedar Strip Boat Building“, a video in DVD format by The Newfound Woodworks, Inc. shows you how we build a canoe, starting with setting up the forms, laminating the stems, stripping the hull, and fairing it out. Each step is described in detail with lots of close ups to give you great detail. If you are considering building a Cedar Strip boat or just want to hone your skills for the next one, this is an incredible tool!

Applying Epoxy & Fiberglass“, a video in DVD format by The Newfound Woodworks, Inc. In this video you will look over our shoulders as we describe our hull preparation techniques, apply the sealer coat, cloth coat and then filler coats of epoxy. We discuss the purpose of the application materials we supply and review safety procedures. Three days of intense filming were edited to 78 minutes of extremely valuable information. We show you the fiberglass wet-out of the outer hull of a kayak and the inner hull of a canoe.