Cove and Bead Strips

Cove and Bead Strips

Our strips are sought after for their precision mill with strict tolerances and unsurpassed quality.

Newfound Woodworks has 39 years of experience in milling unbeatable cove and bead strips. We cut and mill one strip at a time through every step of the process, and measure to the thousandths of an inch to ensure consistent uniform quality that is unmatched. The bead and cove are expertly centered with skilled accuracy to create the exceptional fit that our strips are known for. Don’t take our word for it!  Experience your build firsthand with our strips and see for yourself what working with the finest premium strips available can bring to your creation, ultimately achieving a smooth hull (and deck) surface worthy of an heirloom.

We offer Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Sapele Mahogany and Figured Maple.

We do custom milling of different sizes and thicknesses, as well.

If you have a specialty wood or a size in mind, give us a call!