Mini-Cell Foam, Grey


Note that foam blocks which are cut will cost less to ship due to their size.



Available in 1” thicknesses. This is closed cell foam so it won’t absorb water. Cut with a saber saw, band saw, or serrated knife. Will adhere with contact cement either to other pieces of foam or to the inside of your kayak. Both thicknesses are available as a full block 24” wide x 54” long or a half block at 24” x 27”. Use the 1” foam for padding your cockpit opening, hip braces, and thigh braces. Pre-cut hip braces available as 1” thick x 5” tall x 7” long with rounded corners. $8/pair.

1” x 24” x 54 ” – $47 Full Block
1” x 24” x 27” – $24 Half Block
1” x 5” x 7” – $15/pair Hip Brace Pads