MAS Epoxy Additives/Supplies

Calibrated Pumps

Calibrated PumpsThe pumps are calibrated for 8 cc resin and 4 cc hardener. This means one pump of each will give you the proper TWO TO ONE RATIO OF RESIN TO HARDENER.

$14.00 /set

MAS Wood Flour

	MAS Wood FlourThis is actually fine wood sanding dust that is used as coloring when you want to make the epoxy look like wood or to make fillets. It is generally used in conjunction with silica or cell-o-fill; the cell-o-fill thickens the epoxy and maintains strength while the wood flour helps the flow-out and creates the color.

MAS Phenolic Micro Balloons

MAS Phenolic Micro BalloonsThese are normally used for fairing a hull that is going to be painted. Purple in color, when mixed with epoxy they will sand easily. We use them to do the end pours in kayaks; a half quart in each end mixed with epoxy will give you bulk with fairly light weight. You would not want to use these on a hull that will be finished bright.

Cell-O-Fill — Thickener

Cell-O-Fill -- ThickenerDerived from all natural alpha cellulose, the fibrous ribbons create a matrix with the epoxy and help reduce sagging and slumping. Used in place of Colloidal Silica, it will not billow in the air like silica and you will need half as much to create the same thickness. There are no health hazards associated with Cell-O-Fill and International standards consider it a nuisance dust.

Epoxy Application Materials

Epoxy Application MaterialsThese are the supplies that we use to apply fiberglass and epoxy. You can purchase any of these items individually by scrolling in the window below. The 9" applicator rollers should be used with the epoxy; foam rollers and brushes should only be used when varnishing.


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