Strip Kayak Launchings

Larry Wolter's newly built Sea Wolf.


Hi Michael,

After waiting eight days, due to high winds, I finally launched my North Star. So far it has lived up to all expectation -including many favorable comments. I plan to give it a real workout on a 6 day primitive camping/paddling trip next week. Thank you and your staff for their invaluable assistance and cooperation.

Mack McPherson

Hey Michael-

Thanks for all of your useful and intelligent answers. At first I really wondered if I should spend as much as I did buying your kit, or if I should just buy the necessary tools and do it all on my own - but I could never have created strips of such uniform quality, and your immediate feedback and encouragement more than made the price worthwhile. It's been a real learning experience - I hope to get to your rendevous this fall.


Hi Michael,

Well, I really did finally finish my Kayak. It is to be launched tomorrow in a friends pool here in El Paso. Our nearest "Big Water" is 100 miles away in New Mexico and it is drying up on account of the draught. I put a second floor on the trailer to accommodate the Kayak. The additional bracing can be removed if I am not transporting the Kayak. I really enjoyed building both boats and I am sure they will bring many years of fun. After I have played with the Kayak a few times I will give it to my son in California who is an avid surfer. The Canoe will reside in San Diego with my daughter so I can play with it when we visit. With the little 3 1/2 horsepower outboard she really scoots along. Thank you for providibng such keen boats and kits. They are a pleasure to build and use.

Marty Engler


Hi Joe and Michael -

I just returned from the maiden voyage of my Return. Six days in Unakwik Inlet paddling among the icebergs from Meares Glacier, in Prince William Sound, Alaska. After two years (348 hours) and absolutely no woodworking or boatbuilding experience, I finished the kayak at last. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when it not only floated, but floated right side up and performed beautifully in both glassy calm and stormy windy Alaskan conditions!!! I have enclosed a couple of pictures - they may help explain why I have christened this kayak "Ice Dancer" to commemorate its first trip.

Joe, this boat was 90% constructed at my home about 3 miles from Redfish Lake in Idaho, but I moved back to Alaska 18 months ago and had to finish building it here in Cordova. However, I came north with a bottle of pure Redfish Lake water, and that is what was poured over the bow when it first hit the water. Somehow seemed appropriate.

Thanks for a beautiful boat!! I love it!

Best regards -

Becky Nourse
Cordova, Alaska

Peter Curry's Outer Island. Quote to Jay Babina:

Dear Jay,

I have just finished an Outer Island with your plans and the materials supplied by Michael Vermouth at Newfound. I had a wonderful time building it - starting from a base of no woodworking skills or experience whatsoever- and just had the maiden voyage on Sunday. Paddles great, looks great, and I'm looking forward to a lot of use and enjoyment. See attached as it heads for the water for the first time.


Peter Curry











Hi Michael,

I was poking around on your web site the other day and found a picture in launchings of my boats. I just wanted to say thanks for the great support from you all at Newfound Woodworks over the years. The Rendezvous each year has been great fun and a real learning experience. I'm planning a canoe project in the near future and will call for plans soon!

Happy Holidays

Kent LeBoutillier

BTW I love the calendar idea! Just hope you still have them when I call!









Thought you might enjoy seeing the finished product. The pictures are from Prince William Sound in Alaska on the boat's maiden voyage. It paddled real well although I am thinking of adding a skeg for following seas. Thanks again for all of your advice/support. I think I may have recruited a few new customers.

Bill Lange



Yes I finally finished the kayak. I finished in August just before vacation. I would have finished in the spring but between work, a kidney stone and a bad back I was much delayed.

This boat is so comfortable, stable, responsive and FAST I can't believe it.

Thanks for all you help, accessories and expertise.

Chuck Floyd


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