MAS Epoxy Kits

Slow Hardener MAS Epoxy Kits

This is a low viscosity, blush free epoxy when used with slow hardener.

A two and a quarter gallon Slow Hardener kit includes the proper ratio of resin to hardener (1-1/2 gallons of resin and 3 quarts of hardener)..

Kit Size Boat Size
1½ Gallon Solo Canoe or Small Kayak
2¼ Gallon Tandem Canoe or Solo Kayak
3 Gallon Tandem Kayak, Rangeley Lake Boat, Adirondack Guideboat or Lawton Tender

A 1½ gallon Slow Hardener kit.

The Application Supplies package includes: vinyl gloves, 10/2" brushes, 4 squeegees, 5 acid brushes, 46 mixing cups in 3 sizes, 4" roller frame, and 3/9" epoxy application rollers.

An Application Supplies package can be purchased that includes 9" rollers, 4" adjustable roller frame, vinyl gloves, chip brushes, acid brushes, mixing containers, 1/2 pint mixing containers, and plastic squeegees. This is designed so that when you receive it you are ready to get to work doing the job; you won't have to hunt for supplies that will work right.

A three gallon Slow Hardener kit.

The table below shows all available epoxy kits, what they include, and their discounted price.

Number Kit Amount Items Included Kit Cost
1. 1½ Gallon pumps, thickener, resin, hardener $222.97
2. 1½ Gallon pumps, thickener, resin, hardener AND application supplies $284.44
3. 2¼ Gallon pumps, thickener, resin, hardener $316.92
4. 2¼ Gallon pumps, thickener, resin, hardener AND application supplies $378.39
5. 3 Gallon pumps, thickener, resin, hardener $396.96
6. 3 Gallon pumps, thickener, resin, hardener AND application supplies $458.43

Note: All above kits include calibrated resin and hardener pumps, resin, hardener, and cell-o-fill, a thickener that you will need when laminating.

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Please Note: All epoxy and varnish supplies must be shipped through FedEx Ground. For an accurate shipping estimate, please select FedEx on the shipping screen.

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